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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
What is all the Ruckus About

Dear Right Honourable, Yang Amat Berhormat PM,

I am sure, like me, you just cannot understand the ruckus the people has kicked up recently regarding the "rape" of Bukit Cahaya and the construction of the "exco-village" by the Selangor Government. As pointed out by you during the 11th general election campaign in your manifesto, some one year ago, the BN government is one "which safeguards the interests of all citizens" and " listen to and act on the hopes and aspirations of all groups regardless of age, gender, ethnic background and religion".

As it appears to me, the Honourable Menteri Besar of Selangor, mindful of the problems faced by the rakyat of his state, and in his endeavour to ensure that there will be zero squatters in his state, has applied the innate wisdom possessed by him and him alone, allowed the 35 odd developers to build houses for his rakyat. What can be so wrong with this. What is the point of considering conservation needs when the need for housing of the rakyat is even greater. The rakyat just cannot be housed in "green lungs" without roofs over their head. I am sure, Right Honourable, you, would agree with this line of thinking of a simple-minded one as I. Surely those conservation minded, totally against tree chopping and environmentally friendly ones [CMTATCEF] among the rakyat must realise that without downing trees, houses cannot be built. Or are they expecting houses for the rakyat to be built on trees. No wonder there are orang asing, who still think that we are living on tree houses. The rakyat must understand that the Honourable MB has the housing problems of the rakyat on his head all day and he is scratching his head daily to deal with these problems and ensure that his dream of having each and everyone of the rakyat of Selangor housed as soon as possible comes true. I am sure, like me, you share this dream of the Honourable MB. I just cannot understand the ruckus being raised by those CMTATCEF ones. Don't they want to see the rakyat with roofs over their heads? Where is there a need for enforcement to ensure that there is no environmental degradation when these houses for the rakyat are reuired to be built in the shortest time possible. As everyone knows the fastest way to clear the land for development and housing is to bring in the bulldozers and bring down those space-occupying trees.

As for the "exco-village" in Selangor, I certainly share the views of those in support of the project and can understand fully how it is once again a project which would allow the Selangor Government to attend to the aspirations, hopes, needs, interests and wellbeing of the rakyat of Selangor. The vision, this most visionary Honourable MB has, is certainly unmatched by the MBs of other states. In this "exco-village", where the Honourable MB will have his team of equally Honourable State Exco-members close at hand, they will be able to gather and meet swiftly and as often as humanly possible during their waking hours to brainstorm, to discuss and to come out with more visions and more ideas for the good of the rakyat. Imagine what great things can come out of such frequent meetings of great minds. As for the swimming pool and wading pool mentioned, people must understand that often there is plenty of 'hot air' when the exco is in session and things can certainly get heated up and these pools will serve to cool people and things down. I can expect that the state of Selangor can only be even greater than before when this "exco-village" is up and running. With such a centralised housing arrangement, the State will save so much more rakyat ringgit as those staying in the "exco-village" need not be paid their housing allowances, claims for travelling allowances and subsistence will be greatly reduced and when the exco-members need to party, there will be savings on rentals as there is a ready clubhouse for such parties. Surely there will only be plenty more benefits for this centralised housing of the exco-members and the Honourable MB must have thought of all of them. Who was it who pointed out that the "exco-village" will appreciate in value over the years and when a buyer or buyers appear, the state can sell it off at great profits to the rakyat. Surely this great idea of an "exco-village" will soon be copied by the Honourable MBs and Chief MINIsters of other states. They would all like to have an "exco-village" of their own when they realise the benefits and advantages associated. The forward looking State of Selangor or the Honourable MB should have the whole project "patented" and eventually sell this original idea to the other State Assemblies if they want to copy it. This will obviously bring much glory and money to the State of Selangor.

By the way, the Honourable MB has an explanation for the project. The "exco-village" actually is part of a housing project for state government officers and not just for exco-members. It is a project decided at the State Legislative Assembly in 2001! And the cost, just only about RM21 million and this is not even the taxpayers'. The money came out from a privatised project in which the State government made some RM560 million! As for the clubhouse, it is actually for representatives of NGOs and the government officers to meet, especially at night where they can be safe and sound. And if anyone is thinking that there would be fabulous savings by the State when these houses are eventually utilised, the Honourable MB revealed that each Selangor Exco member receives only RM1,000 in housing allowance and each of the government staff receives RM130 or more. The Honourable MB also revealed further that planning for quarters for the government staff had long been done and would continue and already there are many other similar housing projects which will be completed by the next year, namely in Section 16 Shah Alam, which cost RM24 million, Hulu Selangor (RM20 million), Kuala Langat (RM30 million), Klang (RM24 million), Kuala Selangor (RM19 million). So there you have it, the explanation by the Honourable MB, so why the ruckus raised?

Basically having placed such great confidence in the BN government, after having voted in your rakyat friendly government which such a massively huge majority, the rakyat should just sit back and enjoy the bounties your benevolent government will surely bring forth and not bring up complaints regarding how your personally chosen MBs are doing their work. Such ruckus should only be associated with those troublemaking CMTATCEF ones and some unhappy opposition figures who failed to win in the last election. Though I did not vote for the BN in the 11th general election, I am mindly that the overwhelming majority of the rakyat has spoken and has entrusted you and your chosen ones to ensure that the rakyat will benefit totally from the visions and ideas possess by you all and through whatever actions taken by you all, they are entirely for the benefit of the rakyat. I am just looking forward to the next election when I can use my vote rightly and wisely, once again. In the meantime, I am just wishing that the din and the noise and the accompanying ruckus which are being raised over the abovementioned would just disappear and no longer contribute to our already polluted and degraded environs.

Thanking you for lending me your kind and Honourable ears and looking forward to Right Honourable you, in the good company of your chosen ones, leading us forward to an era which will be even greater than before. Malaysia Boleh. God Bless Malaysia.

I remain, yours humbly,

Lone and alone.

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